Frequently Asked Questions

We will verify your truck’s software version and update it for free if required.

No our tune does not, however there are other aftermarket options available.

Although we do not guarantee warranty status, many of our customers have had no issues having warranty items taken care of without issues after tuning. However, tuning your truck should not be considered different than any other “aftermarket” modification and in the event the dealer suspects the vehicle being tuned has caused a failure, the dealer can deny the warranty claim for the item that has failed.

  • Improved performance / drivability
  • Enhanced/smoother shift points and reduced gear hunting
  • Reduced Lag
  • Linear power curve
  • Increased throttle sensitivity options
  • Naturally aspirated vehicles can utilize 87+ octane fuel
  • Our vehicles are NOT designed to run 85 octane fuel
  • Supercharged applications must run 91+ octane fuel
  • E85 is currently not supported in our applications
  • You can run ethanol free fuel

No. At this time we only tune select Toyotas.